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Since 1 August 2014, KPMG Acor Tax is the new KPMG affiliated tax firm in Denmark, which gathers some of the most prominent experts in all tax matters. We are committed to redefine Professional Tax Services and create an innovative tax advisory firm in the Danish market, capable of fulfilling clients’ high requirements in Denmark and abroad. Below please find our "Manifest" which sums up the core story of our firm.

Together, we solve tax matters. Yours. Truly.

KPMG Acor Tax is a new advisory firm and tax is our business. We consist of people who have made a clear choice to work together – and we share a dream of creating the future of tax consultancy. 

This philosophy is in our DNA, and it is the reason behind the creation of KPMG Acor Tax in the first place. Founded and driven by experienced senior tax advisors, we have merged the advantages of being independent with the benefits of being part of the global KPMG family. Hence, our clients get the best of both worlds. 

We now have more than 100 colleagues in the Danish tax practice devoted to solving every tax matter imaginable and to finding sustainable solutions for both Danish and international clients. Doing so, we tap into the brainpower and experience of more than 160,000 people in the global KPMG network. 

The clear choice of independence and sharp tax focus makes sense to us – and even more to our clients. Only by having the best, forward-thinking specialist minds working together can we truly match our clients’ growing needs. That is why we believe that our clients can benefit from having us as their number one trusted tax advisor. 

Partnering with us, clients will experience the personality of a small firm and the skills of a big one. Size and a global mindset do matter when you handle complex, cross-border challenges. Size is not what matters most to us, but our agility does: we are true partners to our clients – and we have the ability to quickly help them adapt in an ever-changing world of business and tax regulation.

Working at KPMG Acor Tax takes courage. Not the daredevil kind, but the confidence to constantly challenge the existing practice by cutting through complexity. We are entrepreneurs as well as advisors. We focus on understanding our clients in every corner of their business so that we can turn knowledge and new solutions into value. Failure to do so might have far-reaching consequences for the client – and for us. 

Integrity is the basis of everything we do. Our advice is accountable and delivered in an open, honest and respectful manner. A high level of integrity is what makes the good advisor a great one. At KPMG Acor Tax, we care about our clients, so we will not build castles in the air to please them. 

Then there is the passion. It is not a love story, but the feeling of mastering a field of expertise that you can transform into solutions and advantages for your client. If you do not have passion, you are not the right partner for the client or for KPMG Acor Tax. 

When you choose KPMG Acor Tax, you will witness our Team Spirit. It is much more than the sum of individuals. Supported by a well-established, strong brand, we are people of all sorts, experienced advisors in various fields who have joined forces to deliver the most valuable tax advice in the market. 

Together, we solve tax matters. Yours. Truly.

© 2016 KPMG Acor Tax, a Danish limited liability partnership and a member firm of the KPMG network of independent member firms affiliated with KPMG International Cooperative ("KPMG International"), a Swiss entity. All rights reserved.

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