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Breakfast Meeting - VAT and real estate (Hellerup)

New case law may have great financial impact on entities developing or investing in real estate!

25 April 2016, 8:30AM - 11:00AM, CET

New case law may have great financial impact on entities developing or investing in real estate!

Exploit the possibilities and avoid the pitfalls of new case law!

VAT often plays a significant part in making decisions about purchase and sale of old properties. Not only with respect to newly-built buildings, but also with respect to sale of old properties.

It is therefore of particular interest that recent time has seen a huge development in case law related to VAT and real estate with new interesting judgments from the Danish National Tax Tribunal, new binding assessment notices from the National Tax Board as well as new decisions from the European Court of Justice.

In addition to this, new rules governing place of delivery for services related to real estate will come into force on 1 January 2017.

In the light of the above, we would like to invite you to a breakfast meeting during which we will go through VAT rules and new case law on VAT as well as draw attention to both potential possibilities and pitfalls. In addition to this, there will be a presentation of the latest trends from a tax law perspective.

The meeting will allow you to ask questions, but we will of course also be available for an informal meeting afterwards.

We have a strong team of experts who work with real estate and are dedicated to the property sector. That is our guarantee that you do not return empty-handed.



To give an update of the latest rules, case law, and trends relating to real estate. To make you feel well equipped to identify, quantify and handle those challenges and possibilities that Danish case law leaves us with.



The seminar is directed at owners and financial managers, etc. at large property investors and developers.


Introductory speakers

KPMG Acor Tax Real Estate VAT team



KPMG Acor Tax

Tuborg Havnevej 18

2900 Hellerup



Registration to the seminar may be done by e-mail to no later than 25 April 2016.


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