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Nicolai J

Nicolai J

I had my eyes opened to KPMG when I heard about the flat hierarchal structure and the young spirit of the company. Moreover, the ways the Graduate Programme offers graduates the opportunity to work in different departments and service lines alongside audit, such as advisory and tax, is fresh and inspiring. It gives you the chance to test out every aspect of the work and the company, and in the meantime it helps you find the thing you do best and want to do even better.

We are a young, international team here, where people are professional and dedicated. It is true that many come to work in a suit and tie and other formal wear, which matches the stereotype, but one of the things that sets KPMG apart is the passion everyone brings with them to work. People care about their work and their clients, which may often lead to late nights of burning the midnight candle, crunching on a project until the early hours of the next morning.

Graduates learn from the very beginning at the boot camp in Vilnius that no one here is ever afraid to share a good idea or help make a good idea a great idea. KPMG is in a state of progress and so are the people working here. I cannot think of a single day I went home thinking I had wasted my time. There is always something to learn, something to improve, something to challenge.

You are never handed responsibility at KPMG—you are given the opportunity to grab it. They are serious when they say that they trust talent. If you prove yourself capable and you want more, you are encouraged to take on more responsibility.

“Only your ambition sets the limits.”

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