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My first meeting with KPMG was already in high-school. I had a couple of friends who worked at KPMG. After hearing what they told me about their jobs and the dynamic, cheerful atmosphere around the office, I decided to apply.
KPMG attracts and ignites talent, and people are professional and highly capable here, but we also remember to have a good time. It helps ease the burden of work and the different layers of responsibility we all have, from intern to CEO. It breeds an environment where, simply put, no one is afraid to share their opinion. If you set your mind to it, you get to make a difference from day one.

The company is a melting-pot, with people hailing from all five corners of the world. The result is that we are never in want of fresh perspectives. That makes us uniquely innovative. Without fluid teamwork it would all collapse. For this reason, it is vital everyone gets to be heard, especially considering the fact that KPMG does more than just crunch numbers.

I spend about 2/3 of my workday out in the field with clients, where tasks involve anything from general consultation to streamlining various accounting processes. Any remaining time I have, I spend at the office in meetings on projects and how we can further improve our services.


“The office is a melting-pot.”

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