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Why I chose KPMG? Several reasons. First of all, KPMG offers many possibilities for personal development, which is important for anyone at such a young stage in their career. Furthermore, I noticed an extraordinarily entrepreneurial spirit during my first job interviews; everything was, and still is, growing fast, so you actually have a chance to shape some of the business and practices. Moreover, the company structure as a whole is agile, which provides you with several options to move across different service lines. It is also important when you want to find out exactly where you fit in the organisation.

Working at KPMG is synonymous with hard work and an exciting environment. At every turn there are opportunities for developing a wide range of skillsets while making a considerable impact on projects and clients’ businesses. From the very beginning, you are responsible not only for delivering on projects but also for a variety of other tasks. Personally, I have prepared and performed sales pitches and been part of sales meetings with large clients, I have worked on developing KPMG’s ENR sector in Denmark, and I have participated in interview rounds and so forth.

Often the only part of a day that is the same as yesterday is the mug of coffee you keep strapped to your body from morning to evening. One day I am out in the field at a client’s site, and the next I am in the office developing a deep-dive analysis in an Excel spreadsheet. Then on the weekends I am on the football field with the company team or sweating in the kitchen for a company-wide cooking event, where you really get to know one another in new ways.

If you thrive on hard work with a lot of responsibility from the start and an energetic work environment that offers you the opportunity to gain experience in a wide variety of service lines, KPMG is the perfect fit. At least it was for me.

"I noticed an extraordinarily entrepreneurial spirit during my first job interviews."

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