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When you are a young consultant starting your career there are usually certain things you would look for in a job; you want a steep learning curve in an inspiring environment where you feel safe at the same time.

In addition you would probably also like to work with a mix of experienced consultants from whom you can learn from and other young, likeminded colleagues with whom you can socialize with – both during your workdays but also when you are off work.

After spending my first year as a management consultant at KPMG, I can most definitely confirm that KPMG meets (and exceeds) all of the above criteria. Our relatively short history in the new KPMG has created a unique, entrepreneurial spirit where we work together cross-functionally to reach our extremely ambitious growth targets.

Our dynamic organisation allows one to work on a great variety of projects in different sectors, which I personally value deeply, being a young consultant, seeking to explore and learn continuously. 

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