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Initially, I decided to work for KPMG because I knew I wanted exposure to and experience with as many different industries and people as possible, and KPMG is the perfect place for that. The clients I currently work with manage and sit on the boards of big and small companies alike, and every day I get a behind-the-scenes look at a multitude of exciting industries and professional practices. That is not something you get in every job.

Moreover, on a day-to-day basis I work with a great deal of people, almost all of whom are around my own age and come from countries all over the world. Everyone has unique experiences to share. This is part of the reason why diversity is so highly appreciated at KPMG and why the graduate programme advocates so strongly for teamwork and collaboration. True innovation comes only when you are ready to challenge your own ideas.

I believe that is why, from the very first week, graduates and new employees at KPMG are given considerably more responsibility than you might expect. Your colleagues will always take time out of their schedule to share their thoughts and help spark new ideas; especially when you are new

Furthermore, as much as diversity is valued, so is personality. If I were to give any one piece of advice to new graduates and employees, it would be the following: Be yourself and emphasise your diversity. That is what makes your talent your talent.

“Diversity is highly appreciated.”

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