Prior to applying for KPMG, I was working in the smokestack industry, which is a highly bureaucratic industry. I was looking for a job and an employer with a more innovative and vibrant mindset. So when a couple of my friends who work here told me I should check out KPMG, I did. I was sold the minute I had the first meeting with my new bosses and we talked about ski bombing alongside project management and IT. I mean, who else has bosses like that?

Working at KPMG is in many ways different from the industry I used to work in, and it is a natural step to join KPMG after university. Obviously, the work is more professional and result-oriented, but it is still as exciting to work on projects with colleagues and clients as it was in university, which is important when you all have jobs that from an early stage involve a lot of responsibility.

Right now I am on three different projects, one of which is international. This means I get to travel and experience several different industries. Moreover, I get to make a difference in people’s lives. Often when we arrive at a new client’s premises, people are frustrated with their work somehow. Our job, among other things, is to solve a concrete issue and in doing so ignite them with new motivation for the work they do.

It is unique that, even though I am relatively new here, I get to be part of these great projects. Currently, I am managing a transformation project with a steering group that has around 13.000 employees. That is rare and an amazing experience.

“I get to make a difference in people’s lives.”

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