Shawis | KPMG | DK



During my studies at CBS I wanted to work for one of the big audit firms as an auditor. However, I already knew that I also wanted other challenges besides audit. During my job interview, I was told that part of the graduate program meant the possibility to work across functions, which really caught my curiosity, so I instantly knew there was a match.

Now I have worked here for over two years and can indeed confirm that there is many opportunities if you are willing to grab them and work hard for it. I have by now audited several large and well-known firms. I have also been part of several internal projects to improve our work and I am in the process of becoming a facilitator so I can teach future graduates. Furthermore, I have also been out to different events at CBS to brand KPMG and talk with the students.

The most important thing for me here is the people that are both smart and fun to work with. So if you are ambitious and looking for challenges, this could be the place for you.

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