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Meet our ambassadors

Meet our ambassadors

Every day we are only as good as the people who do the work. That is why we listen to each other.

Every day we are only as good as the people who do the work.

Every Day Is a New Day

Every day at KPMG is a new day. We strive to break new ground by being innovative and two steps ahead of the competition at every turn. Every day we are only as good as the people who do the work. That is why we listen to each other. Hear more from our ambassadors below.

Meet Nanna

In addition to being an international workplace, with colleagues from all over the world, KPMG also believes in a relatively horizontal management structure. This means that people listen to each other’s ideas and, more importantly, that people are never afraid to share their ideas.

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Meet Nicolai

You are never handed responsibility at KPMG—you are given the opportunity to grab it. They are serious when they say that they trust talent.

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Working at KPMG is synonymous with hard work and an exciting environment. At every turn there are opportunities for developing a wide range of skillsets while making a considerable impact on projects and clients’ businesses.

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Meet Giulia

Everyone has unique experiences to share. This is part of the reason why diversity is so highly appreciated at KPMG and why the graduate programme advocates so strongly for teamwork and collaboration. True innovation comes only when you are ready to challenge your own ideas.

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Meet Anouska

You are an active part of this journey, not only as a graduate taking the Graduate Programme but also as an employee in a vibrant company going through what appears to be a never-ending growth phase.

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Meet Eran

Often when we arrive at a new client’s premises, people are frustrated with their work somehow. Our job, among other things, is to solve a concrete issue and in doing so ignite them with new motivation for the work they do.

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Meet Mikkel

The company is a melting-pot, with people hailing from all five corners of the world. The result is that we are never in want of fresh perspectives. That makes us uniquely innovative. Without fluid teamwork it would all collapse.

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We are currently on the lookout for both new talent and experienced professionals. Where are you?

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