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We look to the future. That is what makes KPMG a catalyst for change.

We look to the future. That is what makes KPMG a catalyst for change.

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We look to the future. That is what makes KPMG a catalyst for change. Our goal is not simply to challenge convention but to ignite potential—and in doing so, spark innovation through inspiration. To achieve that, we strive for a vibrant and diverse office environment, an open approach to management, and simple hard work. Moreover, we trust the talents of every single colleague and recognise the benefit of listening to each other. Our approach is simple: an indiscriminate sharing of ideas across all levels and service lines of the organisation—that is how we do what we do.

We believe the world is growing increasingly diverse and multicultural, and we value the benefits that come with that. After graduating from our graduate programme, in addition to being guaranteed a position at KPMG, you will have acquired the technical skills and business know-how needed to succeed in an international career in our Advisory, Audit and Tax teams. Furthermore, due to the early project responsibilities of our graduates and the international nature of our organisation, you will be uniquely capable of identifying and incorporating a wide array of diverse ideas and perspectives into your work and take charge of projects with authority and insight.

This also means we do not believe in pigeonholing. A career with KPMG is one where you chart your own course. You have the opportunity to work across several service lines, utilising a greater breadth of your talents while gaining experience with more layers of the business. The result is a work day that is never quite the same as the day before. At KPMG you do more than crunch numbers—you work with people, and day-to-day tasks may involve anything from general consultation to project management and brainstorming in the break-room.

A career with KPMG is a chance to ignite your potential and spend your working hours in a vibrant and young company together with colleagues from every corner of the world. It is a chance for an international career abroad. It is a chance to learn unique leadership skills. It is a chance to make a difference.

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I was still living in Amsterdam when KPMG visited my university, and it was clear from the start that they had the relaxed, flat work atmosphere I was looking for. I chose KPMG in Copenhagen specifically because I wanted to be part of the rapid development that KPMG in Denmark is going through. In long-established firms there are a great many traditions and set ways to approach any given task; in a younger firm those traditions have yet to be formed, and I wanted to be part of that. It is a journey in its own right.

From day one of the Graduate Programme, you are taught to listen to ideas. In any work environment as international as KPMG, perspectives and ideas will vary, and it is important that everyone feels their opinions matter. If they do not, people grow less inclined to share ideas with each other, which leaves everyone worse off. KPMG knows this and fosters a flat organisational structure.


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