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CEOs remain optimistic and look to be the disruptor

We conducted a global study of 1,261 chief executive officers, asking questions about some of the important issues they face, as well as questions on the economy and their business prospects. This is our third year publishing the global report. In conducting the study, we interviewed a number of CEOs, representing a range of industries, geographies and revenue sizes of $500 million to more than $20 billion.


Selected key findings are:

CEOs now see themselves as the chief disruptors of their own companies
Nordic CEOs say they are hungry to disrupt existing business models. Especially regarding new technologies, 82% Nordic CEOs see technological disruption as an opportunity rather than a threat.

A majority of CEOs favour building trust as a top three priority
75% of Nordic CEOs focus on building trust as their top priority and thus place greater importance in building trust in their company's brand and reputation than anywhere else in the world, compared to 61% of their counterparts.

Nordic CEOs expect high investments in cognitive technologies in the next three years
The Nordic CEOs expect that the use of AI will grow, due to an increase pressure to transform. This will increase the demand for skilled local workforce within the next three years, because tasks that were previously outsourced are returning home.

A positive approach to cyber

Nordic CEOs are more likely to see cybersecurity as an opportunity, rather than a threat.

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How do the Nordic CEOs see the next three years?

We have interviewed CEO's in the Nordics on topics such as: disruption, political uncertainty, and technological development. Download our Nordic executive summary.

Nordic executive summary

The Nordic AI advantage

Nordic CEOs expect the numbers of skilled employees in the region to increase.

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Under pressure to transform

Nordic CEOs seem to be more concerned than their global peers about competitive pressure.

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