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Global Health Transparency Map

Health Transparency Map

Health Transparency Map

Health Transparency Map

Global Health Systems
Transparency Index

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Global Health Systems Transparency Index

A practical path to improving healthcare through transparency

Across the world’s health systems, there is a growing trend toward making healthcare data more transparent. More and more information on the quality, financing and decision making around healthcare services is available, but who is pursuing this agenda furthest and fastest, and exactly what value is it creating?

To understand the global picture, we looked at 32 of the world’s major health systems and measured what data was being published and how well it being communicated. Explore the results in this interactive map, and access the accompanying report to learn more about what can be done to make transparency a powerful tool for improvement.

  • Excellent transparency (over 70%)
  • Good transparency (over 60%)
  • Moderate transparency (over 50%)
  • Limited transparency (under 50%)

Key challenges for Denmark

Denmark is ranked with the highest Health system transparency score in the world. However, there are highly relevant areas with great improvement potential. We have listed three key challenges for the Danish Healthcare system below. 


  • Key Challenge #1 - Need for better patient involvement and communication of data

  • Key Challenge #2 - Danish patients lack insight into hospital quality and treatment options

  • Key Challenge #3 - No possibility for structured feedback from patients


Read KPMG's view on these key challenges by clicking on the three articles below.

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