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I was still living in Amsterdam when KPMG visited my university, and it was clear from the start that they have the relaxed, flat work atmosphere I was looking for. I chose KPMG in Copenhagen specifically because I wanted to be part of the rapid development that KPMG in Denmark is going through. In long-established firms, there are traditions and set ways to approach any given task; in a younger firm, those traditions have yet to be formed, and I wanted to be part of the journey KPMG Denmark is going through.

You are an active part of this journey, not only as a graduate taking part in the Graduate Programme, but also as an employee in a vibrant company going through what appears to be a never-ending growth phase. It is not only the company that is growing; you are too, along with your colleagues and friends. As a result, everyone stays focused and open-minded, because everyone understands the benefit of being innovative.

You are taught to listen to ideas from day one of the Graduate Programme. In any work environment as international as KPMG, perspectives and ideas will vary, and it is important that all employees feel their opinions matter. If they do not, people grow less inclined to share ideas, which leaves everyone worse off. KPMG is aware of this and therefore fosters a flat organisational structure.

Your bosses are not hidden in some corner office; they are sitting right next to you. We are all a team where no one feels better than the rest. This makes the KPMG spirit unique - you get to make a difference.

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