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Unlock the potential of Big Data with KAVE

Unlock the potential of Big Data with KAVE


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Unlock the potential of Big Data with KAVE

The amount of data available to us is growing exponentially. With that growth comes ever-greater possibilities to create value through data analysis. It is not a coincidence that ‘Big Data’ is currently such a topic of interest (even if there is also a fair amount of scepticism about it), since the accurate analysis of large amounts of data from various sources can help us to progress and innovate radically.


Development of data analysis or Big Data analysis is often a slow process. One of the key reasons for this is the current structure in which parties operate, or rather, the lack of an effective structure. This applies to internal organisations, but becomes particularly clear whenever an organisation tries to use external data or otherwise needs to form ad hoc partnerships with one or more parties. Repeatedly such organisations need to reinvent the wheel with regard to the technology to be used, which analysis software and algorithms to use, how to provide guarantees with regard to personal privacy and how to agree on the conditions governing the use of the data. To put it mildly, this is hardly an incentive for businesses to get the most out of data analysis.


Introducing KPMG Analytics and Visualization Environment (KAVE) – an open-source Big Data platform
At a time when the information society seems to be maturing, there has to be a way out of the struggles companies are putting themselves into. Therefore, KPMG has developed an open-source Big Data platform – KAVE (KPMG Analytics and Visualization Environment) which offers organisations high-grade technological and organisational building blocks to perform data analysis easily and under the appropriate conditions. However, KAVE is much more. KAVE also anticipates a (near) future when data analysis plays an increasingly central position in society. A society in which data forms the raw material of almost everything we do.


With KAVE, data analysis applications can be realised far more easily and efficiently. A reality in which standardisation of data or technology is not necessary, where agreements have been made regarding the conditions of sharing both insights into data and data analysis applications. A reality which includes the highest level of data security, combined with complete transparency on how to deal with personal data. Insights into the increasing data flows and data analysis of companies and individuals can be integrated and shared reliably, rapidly and easily.


Take advantage of the KAVE Big Data platform by downloading the deployment packages from www.kave.io. With our extensive collaboration with Microsoft, the KAVE environment will soon be available in Microsoft Marketplace provisioning of a fixed/static set machines with fixed/static configuration, and with minimal user intervention.

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