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Frontiers in Finance – May 2016

Frontiers in Finance – May 2016

Denne udgave af vores globale magasin Frontiers in Finance har fokus på forandringer i den globale økonomi. Magasinet er på engelsk.


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“The multi-dimensional complexity of today’s challenges means that speed, alignment, agility and execution are vital.”

– Jeremy Anderson, Chairman, Global Financial Services, KPMG

The courage to change

The articles in this edition of Frontiers in Finance illustrate the huge scale and pace of the changes taking place in the global economy, and the complexity of the challenge which these external changes impose on the financial services industry. Some are driven by technology, from how data is changing the way we service customers, satisfy the regulators and undertake stress testing, to how technology can strip out costs, streamline processes and disintermediate roles. Others are demographic, transforming customer needs, attitudes and demands.

Another fundamental challenge is how to secure growth and profitability in a low interest rate environment, whether this be through new markets or through the development of new products and services. These create a key challenge for management: how to create a management team with the right capabilities in the organization to manage complex, multi-dimensional change.

Other articles in this issue include:

Frontiers in Finance

The focus of the latest issue of Frontiers in Finance is on having the courage to change.

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Data management strategies turn compliance reporting into business insight for banks

Frontiers in Finance discusses ways financial institutions can make use of regulatory reporting data for business management.

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Disruptive forces are driving insurers to embrace insurance innovation and transformation strategies

Insurers review their capabilities to innovate in light of insurance industry disruption.

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