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The KPMG iRadar

The KPMG iRadar

Valuation Assurance for Alternative Investments

Valuation Assurance for Alternative Investments

What you can expect

  • A valuation assurance service which offers a comprehensive review of the fund's financial instruments
  • An assurance statement confirming that the valuation is independent, quality assured and compliant with ISAE 3000 standards
  • And an assurance analytics report showing an in-depth analysis of our overall findings for the fund and for each investment class that the fund contains

The KPMG iRADAR is a cutting edge combination of specialists' know-how and software intelligence.

The KPMG iRADAR provides service to more than 530 member firm clients in 20 different countries. The KPMG iRADAR integrates sophisticated software with the expertise of a specialized team of financial analysts to offer a variety of services to banks, investment funds, pension funds, hedge funds and portfolios of insurance entities. Functionalities range from analyzing the profile and structure of investment portfolios to identifying potential risk areas with each entity's portfolios. The KPMG iRADAR team has developed a unique Valuation Assurance Package based on our long-standing experience and focused on the needs of the alternative investment industry. This assurance service is provided globally from the Cayman Islands, Germany and India.

How does it work?

  1. Fund Data Upload: No specific format required | Secure interface Generally accepted data integrity
  2. Data Mapping: Mapping to the KPMG iRADAR's specific tables | Quality check done by the KPMG iRADAR
  3. Independent Valuation: 10 years in production | 30+ specialists involved | 530 clients in 20 countries | 40,000 portfolios processed annually | 250,000 securities analyzed in database | The KPMG iRADAR operates out of the Cayman Islands, Germany and India
  4. Assurance Package: Tailored quarterly assurance reporting | Detailed results and analytics | Regular on-site workshops |  Knowledge transfer | Process benchmarking |  Industry best practice recommendations
  5. Local Contact: Local client support | Communication of results
  6. Stakeholders: Advisor | Investor | Director | Administrator | Manager

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