The Brexit Strategy

The Brexit Strategy

Great Britain was the preferred location for European headquarters of non-EU multinationals. How they will be affected by the Brexit. And which country is now most promising.


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The United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union. Non-EU multinationals with a UK holding company structure should therefore be aware of the legal changes which might influence their business.

The following short analysis provides you with a comprehensive overview of the importance of an EU membership for foreign multinationals. You will find which country is now best suited to host non-EU multinationals judged against a variety of factors like skilled workforce, tax environment and labor market flexibility. Also, it indicates which aspects need to be considered when actually relocating a headquarters from one country to another.

A specific version of the document is added for the countries with the most prominent multinationals – the US, Japan, China, India and Canada. Please click below for the respective edition. 

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