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Off to Iran?

Off to Iran?

After years of isolation, Iran has gained access to the world market again. Strong growth rates are expected. Find out more about risks and opportunities.



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Following the lifting of European Union sanctions on Iran there has been immense interest in the country. A large market is now trying to catch up after years of isolation. The investment demand is high, as are the projected growth rates.

The KPMG white paper "Off to Iran?" gives a concise overview of the opportunities the Iranian market offers in the short and medium term. We provide you with a detailed evaluation of the most promising sectors: energy, automobile, mining as well as infrastructure and construction.

Valuable insights on the most pressing legal questions are included: which sanctions are still in effect? Which imports need approval? How does Iran protect and promote investments?

The message is clear: despite the geopolitical tensions and the complexity of trading conditions, companies should not forego the opportunity to establish themselves in one of the largest and most exciting markets worldwide. Due to the length of time that sanctions were in place, the current business environment is very favorable. The scramble for market share has already begun.

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