The Factory of the Future

The Factory of the Future

The KPMG’s Factory of the Future guide sets out to give you information and concrete support in order to successfully meet the challenge of Industry 4.0.


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Roboter streckt die Hand aus

What do you need to do to be sustainable in volatile, fast-moving and customer-driven markets? To keep pace with ever quicker product lifecycles, shorter order leadtimes and growing product variants? More flexibility, shorter response times, greater resource efficiency and higher production quality alone are no longer sufficient. The key term is Industry 4.0.

A customer buys a product, and a message regarding the request immediately goes out to manufacturer, supplier and even raw material provider. Computers react automatically and, if necessary, adjust the production process. That is the vision behind Industry 4.0.
Only few companies will be able to escape this sweeping transformation and will still remain successful on the market. If you do not actively shape the changes yourself, your customers, suppliers or competitors will force you to adjust your entire production process.
The two-part KPMG guide describes the challenges and solutions of tomorrow and gives concrete support in order to successfully meet the challenge of Industry 4.0.

The primary challenges are:

• Restructuring of the value chain
• Tax dimension of Industry 4.0
• Compliance with complex legal requirements
• Complete digitalisation
• Human resources: qualified employess in demand
• Alignment of the machine, equipment and logistics park to Industry 4.0
• Cyber security
• Adjustment of the business model and development of new revenue models

The KPMG approach provides an in-depth analysis of the entire production process and helps you to minimise risks. The guide, which is available for download below, also contains specific recommendations of action and task assignments at C-level to assist in the digitalisation of your company. Because the advantages of Industry 4.0 are immense: lower costs resulting from material stock, logistics and handling, shorter throughput times and lower shortage rates. 

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