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Treasury Survey: The Dynamics of Change in Treasury

Treasury Survey: The Dynamics of Change in Treasury

Changes in Treasury: Reval analyses these in their "Global Treasury Benchmarking Survey"


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Source: KPMG Corporate Treasury News, Edition 48, October 2015

Guest article by Helmut Springer, Vice President, Reval

As Treasury's remit continues to grow, its challenges are increasingly multi-faceted. Finance teams have to juggle enterprise-wide risks, global regulations, operational tasks and strategic analysis at the same time, and do so with a limited staff and budget. It is this dilemma that we find treasurers struggling with in the Global Treasury Benchmarking Survey of more than 600 financial professionals undertaken by Reval, global provider of a scalable cloud platform for Treasury and Risk Management (TRM).

Challenges Driving Change in Treasury

Business growth and globalization put a spotlight on corporate liquidity, making cash management, cash forecasting and risk management an ongoing concern and listing them as top three strategic challenges in the survey. Expansion into new markets increases complexity in short-term and long-term liquidity management and makes regulatory compliance more demanding. Companies must comply with region-specific regulations and to international standards such as EMIR/Dodd Frank, SEPA or IFRS 13, which are considered top regulatory challenges by the survey participants. Against this backdrop, treasury professionals are asked for more comprehensive, strategic analysis of the reports they are providing the CFO.

Treasury´s Changing Scope and Structure

As treasury takes on many new challenges, 92% of finance professionals consider treasury a key contributor to business success. Among those 65% see the function’s importance increasing further over the next three years, with responsibilities evolving to include new areas such as commodities, supply chain financing and insurance. Still, treasuries are under constant cost pressure. Reval’s survey shows that 86% of respondents turn towards technology to help them optimize their processes, focus on increasing centralization, roll out global standards and implementing common technology platforms to efficiently master their growing scope and strategic mandates.

Treasury Technology as Enabler for Change

Treasury teams invest in technology not only to improve operational efficiency, but also to promote change in treasury. With accurate financial data and comprehensive tools for analysis and reporting, treasury can establish itself as a strategic advisor to the business. The fact remains, however, that treasury professionals agree that missing budget is the top roadblock to treasury transformation (43%) and technology adoption (61%). By demonstrating the strategic value of their technology investments, treasury professionals will be better positioned to present a winning business case to their CFO’s.

Survey Demographics and Methodology

The "Global Treasury Benchmarking Survey" was rolled out by the EACT, European Association of Corporate Treasurers, Treasury Strategies and Reval in 2014/2015. More than 600 global finance professionals from all industries, regions and company sizes answered the online questionnaire.

The high number of responses and broad coverage enable benchmarking comparisons by regions, company size, treasury organization and treasury technology adoption.

If you are interested in benchmarking yourself against your peers, fill out the online questionnaire to receive your individual benchmarking report.

This online-survey is under exclusive liability of Reval Austria GmbH, Arche Noah 11, 8020 Graz and therefore relies on legislation of the Austrian Republic.

For more information also order the detailed survey report at!


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