China Outlook 2016

China Outlook 2016

KPMG’s new report - China Outlook 2016 finds that China’s inward and outward investment patterns are reflective of the country’s economic restructuring, and are likely to continue being so in 2016 and beyond, with opportunities increasingly found in those sectors and areas whose development will contribute towards China’s transition into a high value-added economy.


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China’s transition from an investment- and export-led growth model to one driven by consumption and innovation has led to the emergence of a two-track economy. The first track, in basic manufacturing and traditional industries, is experiencing significant headwinds, while the second, in services, advanced manufacturing and consumer markets is exhibiting strong growth potential.

The Chinese government introduced a number of major policy initiatives in 2015 to facilitate the country’s economic transformation. These initiatives place importance on the quality of growth in order to achieve a more balanced level of development that is conducive to long-term prosperity. This is expected to continue to be a feature of China’s policies over the next few years, especially following the release of the 13th Five-Year Plan in March 2016, benefitting foreign companies investing in China and Chinese companies investing overseas.


China ist heute mehr als nur die Werkbank der Welt. Aus "Made in China" wird "Designed in China". Genaue Marktkenntnis sind der Schlüssel zum Erfolg.

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