Energy - Quo Vadis? (English)

Energy - Quo Vadis? (English)

New forms of energy, a complex and constantly changing regulatory environment, and an ever-increasing need for investment: hardly any industry in the world is currently facing greater challenges than the energy sector. At the same time, however, there is some good news: these challenges also present the energy industry with a unique opportunity. History has shown that crises can actually force the pace of innovation by creating and driving the need for strategic creativity.


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In this sense, the study “Energy – Quo Vadis?” aims to support decision-makers in the industry in sustainably exploiting various opportunities. For this purpose, we utilised a variety of futurology methods to identify scenarios, wildcards, roadmaps, interesting innovations, visions and current trends.This extensive information assists in intensely analysing and anticipating the challenges and opportunities of the future.

Energie und Rohstoffe

Der unternehmerische Erfolg auf dem Energiemarkt hängt von der Vorbereitung auf die zukünftigen Marktentwicklungen und Erwartungen der Mandanten ab.

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