Cloud Monitor 2015 - English

Cloud Monitor 2015 - English

Use of the cloud grows, security concerns thwart growth.


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Now in its fourth year, Cloud Monitor 2015 is available and once again provides an extensive picture of cloud use in German companies. As in previous years, the current status and the perspectives of use are being examined. Particular attention is given to the presentation of results over the course of time. This enables the identification of different trends according to company size and industry. 

The Cloud Monitor 2015 was developed by Bitkom Research GmbH for KPMG AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft. The representative study provides a differentiated analysis of the demand for public and private cloud ser¬vices along with the objectives and experience associated with use of the cloud. An additional focus in this year is placed on the topics data security and compliance.

Here you can download the German language version of the publication. 


Kaum eine Branche profitiert so stark von der zunehmenden Digitalisierung, der Virtualisierung und der Vernetzung wie der Technologiesektor.

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