Cost of Capital Study 2014 (English)

Cost of Capital Study 2014 (English)

Consideration, equivalence and sharing of risk



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It is our pleasure to present you with the results of the ninth Cost of Capital Study. It is our goal to present the current developments in the derivation of the cost of capital and to describe in what manner they reflect economic changes and expectations.

The focus of our Cost of Capital Study this year is, once again, on the subjects:

  • Determination of the cost of capital,
  • Derivation of the corporate planning,
  • Sustainable growth expectations,

for these are material components of any evaluation – for example, in the valuation of an acquisition, strategic value analysis or the testing of impairment.

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Cost of capital - facts and figures

A realistic estimation of the cost of capital is vital for companies when making investment - or transaction-related decisions.

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