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Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management

Organizations operate in increasingly dynamic environments which often makes it a struggle to satisfy ever changing business requirements. This can lead to fragmented change initiatives which are inconsistent, uncoordinated and unlikely to add value to the organization.


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The Challenge

The most common problems that we see with our clients around

Portfolio Management are:

  • The lack of prioritization and rebalancing within the organization and the portfolio.
  • No standardized innovation process leading to the overflow of ideas, high-level of decision making and the inability to link ideas to strategy or benefits.
  • Weak budgeting, and divided investment processes.
  • Lack of coherent high-level reliable information on the portfolio performanceand the ability to report to management in a meaningful way.
  • Understaffed central PMO with low recognition and power.

KPMG Approach

KPMG Advisory helps clients set up permanent Portfolio Management Offices and processes, select Portfolio Management Software, as well as analyze Portfolio Management Maturity and Portfolio Management Performance.


  • Sustainable alignment between change initiatives and the organization’s business strategy.
  • Visualization of the roadmap and how and when it will be delivered.
  • Termination of ineffective programs.
  • Greater organizational flexibility in order to respond to the changing economic environment.
  • A balance between the organization’s appetite for risk and the potential rewards.
  • Enterprise PMO Set-up and Advocacy with clear and understandable responsibilities for the rest of organization.

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