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Independent project / programme assurance

Independent project / programme assurance


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The Challenge

Organizations are constantly experiencing demands to execute change: developing new products, safeguarding or expanding market share, reducing costs, improving processes or just meeting regulatory requirements. These changes are mostly implemented through projects and programmes.

With a fast-changing technological landscape, tighter budgets and schedules, risks associated with such programmes become more complex and difficult to manage, despite years of project management experience.

KPMG Approach

KPMG IT Advisory provides an independent, critical assessment of the project/programme health, at any point during its lifecycle, focusing on governance and organization, project management processes, tools and techniques, quality of the project deliverables, change management and potential to realize the expected business benefits. Throughout this assessment we check how the project or programme deals with the conflicting priorities of cost, risk, time and quality.

Our services can be performed as a:

  • One-time health check – providing you an overall snapshot of the project/programme condition at any time of its lifecycle.
  • A Phase gate review – helps assess readiness whether the project/programme is ready to proceed into a new stage.
  • Periodic assessment (e.g. monthly) – provides a recurring check-up of the project’s/programme’s status.
  • Embedded QA in PMO – gives frequent status updates on project risks and quality of deliverables as part of the project/programme.


  • Independent assessment of the quality and reliability of reports received from the project teams.
  • Independent assessment of the quality of management processes and the quality of key project deliverables.
  • Revelation of ‘hidden’ risks and advice on risk mitigation approaches.
  • Anticipation of issues based on similar situations that we have seen on other projects/programmes.
  • An insightful challenge to the effectiveness of certain assumptions, decisions and approaches taken in key moments of the project/programme.

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