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Tax and Legal Update - September 2016

Tax and Legal Update - September 2016

Tax and Legal Update contains a roundup of all the latest important tax, accounting and legal changes in the financial sector.


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Tax news

  • What justifies not filing a VAT ledger statement?
  • Interest on long-retained excess deductions: there is still time
  • Changes in Intrastat reporting
  • Potential programme – an increase in funds for distribution within first call
  • Quicker issuance of employment cards to Ukrainians
  • Government fights tax evasion in telecommunications
  • Electronic reporting of sales: clearer picture

Legal news

  • Changes ahead for bonds
  • Consumer loans no longer quick and easy?

World news

  • Summer at the CJEU – interesting references for preliminary ruling

Case law

  • The best judgement of the last two years
  • Tax depreciation also for defunct assets
  • SAC: late payment interest not a punishment

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