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Tax and Legal Update - August 2016

Tax and Legal Update - August 2016

Tax and Legal Update contains a roundup of all the latest important tax, accounting and legal changes in the financial sector.


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Tax news

  • Foreign tax authorities will know Czech APAs’ content
  • Changes in VAT from end of July 2016
  • Autumn changes in immovable property acquisition taxation
  • Penalty for the failure to report exempted income. Who is eligible for waiver?
  • Taxation of working pensioners unconstitutional
  • 2015 the most effective year in financial administration’s history

Legal news

  • Inconspicuous revolution in minor offences law
  • Electronic signatures refitted

World news

  • National registers of beneficial owners to be interconnected

Case law

  • Supreme Court on how to recognise dangerously advantageous transactions
  • Infringement of trademark rights by tenants also concerns landlords
  • Unestimated estimates

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