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Consumer markets

Consumer markets

Europeans want to eat healthier, and new technologies are increasingly getting involved in the buying processes.

People want to eat healthier and technologies are getting involved in the buying process.

We are talking about a sector whose full potential has yet to be realised. Lots of space remains for production innovations as well as opportunities to fulfil the demands of consumers who in recent years have changed their lifestyles and are looking for a healthier diet.


  • All over the world, KPMG has experts who continuously monitor new technologies. We can show you how to use them to your best advantage – a number of innovations allow for the better processing of ingredients and data analysis can bring to light new trends in consumer demand.
  • We can advise you how to easily and most cost effectively comply with all norms and public health regulations.
  • We can prepare different types of tax returns and advise you in areas specific of this sector, including the tax effects of marketing activities and the use of vouchers or payment instalment plans.
  • How to most effectively sell your products? We can help you with marketing and advertising.  

Who we have helped

Among our clients are large multinational retail chains as well as food and beverage producers. We advise firms on tax or legal issues and assist them in expanding to new markets.

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