Financial institutions and banks may use our experience and know-how in the area of regulation, taxation and financial institution management.

Financial institutions may use our know-how in the area of regulation, taxes etc.

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Currently, banks are dealing with the effects of new regulations and their implementation, be they the various Basel regulations, regulations on bank loan classification and provisioning or the valuation of financial tools. At the same time, banks are under pressure to introduce technological innovations which, for example, will allow for the analysis of large amounts of data. Other issues concerning data involve security and who will be allowed to handle them. If you are interested in receiving more detailed information on the regulation of the banking sector, you may sign up to receive our regular newsletter. We also regularly publish studies, analyses and expert assessments of the entire sector.


  • We can help you introduce a new bank to the market – starting with help with its design to assistance with the submission of the application for a new banking licence.
  • Apart from tax, audit, risk management and legal services we can also advise you in areas which are bank-specific – be they payment card systems or banking regulatory issues.
  • We can help you find out what your customers want. We will show you how to make your products more accessible and simpler – to make clients want to switch banks and come to you.
  • Thanks to our international experience we can show you banking products which have so far not been introduced to the Czech market.
  • We will help you get your bearings in what’s currently important on the European level in regards to regulatory issues and what questions will fundamentally affect the future of the entire sector. 

Who we have helped

Our services can provide assistance to the banking sector on a global level. That’s why there are many global banking institutions among our clients. Of course we have also advised in the Czech Republic, be it on the foundation of new banks or on reforms of existing institutions.

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