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About KPMG in the Czech Republic

About KPMG in the Czech Republic

Since 1990, KPMG Czech Republic has been supporting the development of significant companies and hence of the entire economy of the Czech Republic.

KPMG Czech Republic has been supporting companies since 1990.

Audit, tax, advisory and legal services are offered to hundreds of firm from various industries, including especially the financial, energy and real estate sectors.

In the Czech Republic, we employ over 900 specialists and are one the largest providers of consulting services in the country. We help our clients alleviate risks and take advantage of business opportunities not only at home but also abroad.

As a member of a global network of professional firms, KPMG Czech Republic can draw on the knowledge and experience of more than 189,000 experts working in 152 countries.

What makes us so unique?

We enjoy working with our clients towards their success. We are proud of the KPMG brand and of the direction in which our firm is moving. 

We want be an attractive employer for graduates, provide superior services to successful companies and thus become a highly sought-after partner who delivers the best services in the field.

The people working at KPMG have created a unique company culture firmly based on strong values. We are respectful of the environment and provide help to a number of organisations as part of our CSR projects. Take a look at what values we share across departments and across the different countries KPMG operates in.  

Transparency report

Download our transparency report 2016 (PDF 640 KB) in Czech.

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