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Investment in the Czech Republic 2016

Investment in the Czech Republic 2016

Our investor’s guidebook for 2016 is out, providing international firms with a complete overview of information essential for doing business in the Czech Republic.


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The Czech Republic has been a popular destination for foreign capital and it has been attracting high volumes of foreign direct investment (FDI) since the 1990s. FDI activities in the Czech Republic stand out in a very important feature: profitability.

Compared to its regional peers, the Czech Republic is doing fairly well in terms of GDP per capita and in terms of competitiveness. It also clearly stands out as a regional champion in the inflow of FDI. Currently, the Czech Republic has recovered from the financial crisis and is experiencing growth across various sectors of the economy, including mergers and acquisitions activity.

The main factors of attractiveness of the Czech Republic for foreign investors are its advantageous geographical location combined with reliable infrastructure, availability of suppliers and specialised inputs needed by foreign investors, quality of life and social stability, cost competitiveness, financial stability and availability of financing, investment incentives, skilled workforce and high educational level.

The purpose of this publication is to set out some general guidelines on investment and business in the Czech Republic for those interested in investing or doing business here.

I hope that ‘Investment in the Czech Republic’ will prove to be a helpful source of background information and a constructive tool in making your investment decisions. If you have any questions, remarks or suggestions, please feel free to contact us or the respective KPMG experts.

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