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IFRS – Our latest thinking

IFRS – Our latest thinking

Insights into IFRS 12th Edition 2015/16 provides a practical guide to IFRS.



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Insights draws on the collective experience of our IFRS specialists from around the world.

Helping you apply IFRS

Insights into IFRS aims to ease the burden of applying IFRS to real transactions and arrangements, by providing in-depth and easily understandable guidance based on our practitioners’ experience of IFRS from around the world.


“New standards, a surge in M&A activity, continued pressure for better business reporting… all of these factors make this a challenging (and interesting) time for the preparers of financial statements.” 


Organised by topic and reflecting IFRS in issue at 1 August 2015, Insights emphasises the application of IFRS in practice and explains the conclusions reached on many interpretative issues.

Insights into IFRS: An overview provides a high-level briefing for audit committees and boards.

Insights can be used alongside our suite of Guides to annual financial statements to form your complete guide to financial reporting under IFRS.

New for the 12th Edition

  • Detailed guidance on the full version of the new financial instruments standard (IFRS 9 (2014)). Also covers the 2009 classification and measurement requirements and includes mappings to help you navigate the available implementation options.

  • Updated guidance on disclosures of interests in other entities (IFRS 12).

  • Updated guidance throughout – reflecting changes over the past year and developing practice.

Order a hard copy

To order a copy, email KPMG's International Standards Group at ifrgroup@kpmgifrg.com.

You can also download the high-level overview.

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