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KPMG works with organisations to help them in their efforts to achieve the highest level of integrity.

KPMG works with organisations to help them achieve the highest level of integrity.

KPMG Forensic is in the business of assisting clients where facts and people don't agree or behavior does not comply with expectations and/or regulations. Forensic services include assistance in financial disputes that are likely to lead to litigation, arbitration, expert determination or mediation. It also involves the investigation of suspected fraud, irregularity or impropriety for the purposes of civil, criminal, regulatory or disciplinary proceedings.

The demand for our skills has been influenced by an increasing incidence of commercial disputes and fraudulent practices. This has become more apparent in the wake of recent advances in technology and business globalisation.

We have worked with industry professionals in Asia Pacific, and worldwide through the KPMG International Forensic network of over 1,900 professionals to conduct successful enquiries and analyse financial information across numerous jurisdictions.

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