Globalization of China’s New Energy Enterprises

Globalization of China’s New Energy Enterprises

Chinese new energy companies are “going out” to expand their presence in the global market. By investing overseas, these companies are expected to develop new energy portfolios in new markets, avoid trade barriers and transfer overcapacity. The acquisition of more mature companies in the global market may allow Chinese companies access to patented technologies and added-value R&D capabilities. The global new energy industry is in a period of robust growth; capacity in developed and developing markets continues to expand. Thus, Chinese new energy companies should proactively accelerate the pace of overseas expansion by allocating greater investment toward the overseas markets.


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Globalization of China’s New Energy Enterprises

 In this report, we highlighted some key issues that Chinese new energy companies faced in their endeavors to invest overseas, such as regulatory policies in foreign countries, international patent barriers and collaboration among Chinese industry peers in overseas areas. We also discussed some possible methods to address these issues.

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