KPMG Quarterly Review of China’s Economic Globalization (Q3 2013 – Chinese)

KPMG Quarterly Review of China’s Economic Globali...

China’s GDP growth rate in the third quarter was 7.8 percent, rising by 0.3 percentage points versus the second quarter.


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KPMG Quarterly Review of China’s Economic Globalization (Q3 2013 – Chinese)

In response to the second quarter slide in GDP growth, the Chinese government introduced a series of economic measures in July to boost growth and stabilize market expectations, including an increase in investment spending and stronger export support. Thus, the economic rebound can be predominantly attributed to relatively greater investment in manufacturing and export growth.

However, the foundation of the Chinese economy remains fragile, and the fourth quarter may see another flattening or dip in the GDP growth rate. Year-to-date outbound investment continued to report favourable growth statistics, but there was a slight cooling off in the third quarter. The US attracted the most M&A funds from China, while the energy and power industry represented the largest recipient of outbound investment from China. Privately owned enterprises (POEs) were active in overseas investment, but the total dollar amount shrank considerably. Investment in the UK has been increasing rapidly since 2011, and is a good prospect for future growth.  

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