Asia Pacific Real Estate Funds Briefing - Issue 4, July 2013

Asia Pacific Real Estate Funds Briefing - Issue 4...

As real estate funds increasingly turn towards Asia as an investment location, local tax authorities are focusing on how these investments are taxed. This semi-annual newsletter updates readers on developments affecting the structuring of real estate funds in the region, with a particular focus on the impact of changes on the tax efficiency of commonly used investment structures.


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Asia Pacific Real Estate Funds Briefing

Featured in this issue are:

  • India – Latest developments of general anti-avoidance rules
  • Hong Kong – Offshore funds exemption extension and developments in stamp duty measures
  • Australia – 2013-2014 Federal Budget and general anti-avoidance provisions
  • China – VAT reforms in the construction and real estate sectors
  • New Zealand – Proposed changes to further tighten interest deductibility Vietnam – New protocol to
  • Vietnam-Singapore tax treaty
  • Malaysia – Real property gains tax and stamp duty relief for listed business trusts

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