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Industrial markets

Industrial markets

KPMG's Industrial markets practice is co-ordinated on an international basis to foster cohesion and consistency.

Co-ordinated on an international basis to foster cohesion and consistency.

KPMG's Industrial Markets practice is co-ordinated formally on an international basis to foster cohesion, consistency and an ability to deliver quality professional services, wherever our clients operate.

We understand the inherent challenges in the Industrial Markets sector. We have set up a multi-disciplinary team with experience in the restructuring and listing of major state-owned enterprises in China, aiming at providing tailor-made and value-added services to our clients.

To better utilise resources and experiences, we have divided our Industrial Markets clients into the following sectors:


Industrial and Automotive products

While companies engaging in Industrial Products and Metals, Automotive, Aerospace and Defence and Industrial Electronics are confronted with universal issues such as globalisation and investment demands, specific industry issues exist.

KPMG's Industrial Markets team draws on in-depth industry and financial knowledge and hands-on experience to assist clients in meeting the challenges of a rapidly changing industrial environment.



Key divisions of the sector include commodity/special chemicals, petrochemicals, and plastics.

Strategically, companies are confronted with industry consolidation, social-ethical pressures, R&D effectiveness and talent development. Its growth potential is likely to be affected by volatile crude oil prices and potential virus outbreaks.


Energy and Natural resources

Companies involved in oil and natural gas, power generation and utilities, and mining in China are facing issues like tight control by the central and local governments over licensing and pricing, approval from the relevant authorities for any significant new and additional investment; opening the domestic market to foreign companies resulting in lower profitability.


We work with some of the largest and most successful automotive companies in the world.

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We serve companies that process commodities and other raw materials into commodity.

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Industrial Manufacturing

Focus on Aerospace, Defense, Engineering and Industrial Products, and Metals industries.

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Energy and Natural Resources

Global Energy network responds to business issues and trends.

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