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Your Progress

Your Progress

Your growth is the core of our business.

Your growth is the core of our business.

Your growth is the core of our business

We have integrated career development plans to ensure our people grow together with us and develop their full potential.


During your first month with KPMG, you will consider your career goals using our myPD programme, a framework that guides, assesses performance and helps to develop our people. This goal setting process will be the parameter by which you can monitor your career progress. To help you stay on track, you will have the chance to regularly review and discuss your goals with your performance manager.


As you climb your career ladder, different professional development programmes will help you adjust to your new job roles and assume positions of seniority. The Senior Management Development Centre (SMDC) and the Leadership Development Centre are highly structured programmes, tailored to accelerate the progression of our senior managers (SMs) towards partnership.


Using the KPMG values and our Global Skills and Behaviours, we give you feedback so that you can see the various levels of performance expected at each management stage. This will help you stay focused and identify your strengths and areas for improvement as you progress through the firm.

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