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Our Services

Our Services

KDC is a shared service centre which delivers front- and back-office support services within KPMG China.

KDC is a shared service centre which delivers office support services within KPMG China.

Audit services

eAudIT is used in the KDC audit support service team for daily operations. Our duties include preparing audit confirmations, consolidating and checking financial statements and tracking the delivery of related materials. We also help maintain the database of audit confirmations and offer other support to the KPMG audit team.


Tax services

Our Tax support team helps tax professionals in main offices to retrieve salary and tax related information from clients and prepare tax statements and tax information entry.


Advisory services

The advisory team is dedicated to offering support for back-end financial analysis and data analysis.


Infrastructure services

  • Human Resources.
  • Information Technology.
  • Markets.
  • Finance.

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