Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

At KPMG, we believe that businesses have a role to play in making the world a better place.

We believe that businesses have a role to play in making the world a better place.

“We believe we should use our skills, expertise, passion and resources to empower change and find sustainable solutions to local and global issues such as climate change, food and water scarcity, poverty, security, development and economic growth. Member firms around the world are sharing their strengths and abilities to support local community initiatives and projects. Globally, we are using our capacity and capability to support the Sustainable Development Goals, working strategically with governments, non-government organisations and the private sector to make a lasting impact.”


Michael Hastings
Lord Hastings of Scarisbrick CBE
Global Head of Citizenship
KPMG International

At KPMG, we believe that businesses have a role to play in making the world a better place. Our commitment to our communities is one of our core values, and we embrace our corporate citizenship through many activities that support the community.

We encourage our staff to work as a team, using their core competencies to lead and participate in different initiatives that address key social and environmental issues. We also mobilise our stakeholders in different sectors to work together to find solutions that can help create a bigger positive impact. Our CSR activities help our people realise their potential and expose them to different life skills and world views. The volunteering opportunities we offer help make us an Employer of Choice, and reinforce our pledge to satisfy our people’s career aspirations by equipping them with the ability, strength and willingness to play a key role in the ever-changing and constantly evolving global challenges.

Apart from our volunteer opportunities, our commitment is also evident in our daily operations. In 2012, we moved part of our business to the first LEED Platinum-certified mixed-use office and vertical mall complex in Hong Kong and mainland China. Our new five-level, 7,444 square metre office is the embodiment of environmental friendliness, and its energy conservation technologies allow us to implement our business sustainability strategy by further reducing our carbon emissions.

As a corporate citizen, we appreciate the symbiotic relationship we have with society and the environment, and the responsibility it involves. We look forward to the day when the whole business community fully recognises the importance of corporate citizenship and incorporates it into their operation. Through this publication, we hope to encourage, engage and inspire our people, clients, suppliers and the community at large to pool our efforts and develop a more sustainable world.


What is CSR to KPMG China?

Corporate Social Responsibility is not just about philanthropy or community services, but how we engage our people at all levels to make a difference that could be sustainable and enhance our business success.

KPMG China in the Community

Our CSR report highlights the efforts we are making.

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