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Ethics & Integrity

Ethics & Integrity

KPMG helps companies avoid and uncover ethically inappropriate behavior and respond appropriately.

KPMG helps companies avoid and uncover ethically inappropriate behavior.

Companies must behave with integrity if they are to retain the market’s trust and that of the public. Even minor misconduct can damage an organization’s reputation. It’s in every organization’s best interest to ensure that its behavior is both ethically irreproachable and compliant with any regulations. This means identifying the relevant risks and developing, implementing and monitoring the necessary measures.

Ethics and compliance are particularly important in today’s heavily regulated environment. We support our clients in their efforts to avoid and uncover and respond appropriately to any lapses. Our approach to ensuring the effective management of ethics and compliance issues is holistic – combining both structural and formal factors (hard factors) with behavioral factors (soft factors).

KPMG's expertise

  • We develop, implement and assess the ethics and compliance programs working with our clients
  • We offer the “KPMG Integrity Thermometer” which measures how ethical a company’s culture is
  • The “KPMG Ethicsline” helps establish an independent reporting service
  • Ethics and compliance training courses


Further information

Ethics and Compliance Training (PDF)
Human Resources: Investigation (PDF) / en français (PDF)
Measuring Ethical Climate with the Integrity Thermometer (PDF)
Pre-employment screening: The benefits (PDF) / en français (PDF)

Pre-employment screening: Materials (PDF) / en français (PDF)

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