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Corporate Compliance

Corporate Compliance

With both regulations and compliance requirements on the rise, KPMG can help companies stay on the “safe” side.

KPMG can help companies stay on the “safe” side.

New technologies, faster communication and a society that always demands more: these realities are constantly providing new challenges for companies to contend with. Failure to satisfy compliance and other relevant standards can expose companies to considerable risks. This is why those at the managerial level now place such a high priority on dealing with the increasing number of regulatory changes. The first objective is to ensure that the company and its workforce are effectively protected against the risks of non-compliance with regulatory requirements. The second is to ensure the application of industry-wide standards which satisfy both specific regulatory requirements and society’s expectations. KPMG helps companies with all kinds of compliance issues and offers bespoke services too.


KPMG's expertise

  • Advice on how to comply with the relevant laws relating to, say, antitrust legislation, employment, and data protection or production safety
  • Comprehensive advice for management bodies on corporate governance issues
  • Help with developing compliance management systems, internal control systems, and audit standards
  • Measures to combat corruption, money laundering and infringements against competition law and economic sanctions
  • We develop, implement and assess the ethics and compliance programs working with our clients
  • We offer the “KPMG Integrity Thermometer” which measures how ethical a company’s culture is
  • Ethics and compliance training courses


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Ethics and Compliance Training (PDF)
Measuring Ethical Climate with the Integrity Thermometer (PDF)

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