Anti Bribery & Corruption

Anti Bribery & Corruption

The battle against illegal money flows represents a growing challenge. KPMG helps during the development of effective and successful measures.

KPMG helps during the development of measures for the battle against illegal money flows.

Bribery and corruption weaken the economy, state and society. Business leaders and politicians are aware that it will only be possible to make progress in the battle against illegal money flows if there is cooperation between the public and private sectors. For companies, the battle against these transgressions has become even more challenging in recent years. Firstly, because a growing number of governments have tightened their anti-corruption regulations or introduced new provisions. Secondly, the battle against corruption in a globalized world has become more difficult as internationally active companies are faced with different corruption risks at a local level. In its Anti-Bribery & Corruption area, KPMG has a network of 3,000 committed specialists in 50 countries and is in a position to help companies and organizations in preventing illegal business practices or responding to them in an effective manner.


KPMG's expertise

  • KPMG supports its clients in preventing, uncovering and handling misconduct, fraud, white-collar crime and rule violations.
  • The methodology developed by KPMG shows how an individual, solid compliance program needs to be set up that is also tailored to the respective size and risk factors of the company in question.
  • We help your company to respond to official steps or investigations.
  • Implementation of new and assessment of existing third-party risk management systems
  • FCPA and UK Bribery Act anti-bribery and anti-corruption check

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Media Release: KPMG Forensic Fraud Barometer

Swiss courts tried 57 cases of white-collar crime in 2016.

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