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Supply Chain Management & Procurement

Supply Chain Management & Procurement

Agile value chains are a key factor in a company’s success. KPMG provides end-to-end support with optimization measures.

Agile value chains – KPMG provides end-to-end support with optimization measures.

The ‘Internet of Things’ is a hot topic right now. Using the internet to create an encompassing network of all equipment, machinery and systems is demanding significant investment from industry and is transforming the value chain. Our experts help industrial companies find specialized solutions.

KPMG’s portfolio spans the entire value chain, from purchasing, logistics, production and R&D through to strategic personnel development and the creation of customized organizational models and solutions for compliance, risk management and tax optimization. Our strong local presence in the world’s major sourcing regions puts KPMG in a strong position as an advisor on procurement and supply chain management issues for international corporations as well as leading SMEs.


KPMG's expertise

  • Supply Chain Management: KPMG provides structured, innovative services for the integrated optimization of companies from all sectors across the entire value chain.
  • Procurement: KPMG helps you to make the organizational structure and processes in your purchasing operation more professional and to secure lasting savings.


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