Information Protection and Business Resilience

Information Protection and Business Resilience

KPMG's technology consultants assist clients in conducting risk assessments by identifying technology threats & vulnerabilities.

KPMG assists clients in conducting risk assessments by identifying technology threats.

The increasing dependence on technology for core business processes (IT enabled transformation) renders information confidentiality, integrity and availability essential. It puts forth the need for effective and risk-based information security planning. KPMG's technology consultants assist clients in conducting risk assessments by identifying technology threats and vulnerabilities,evaluating business impact (BIA) as well as compliance exceptions.
By providing penetration testing and vulnerability scanning services, we help our clients identify key vulnerabilities and risks. We also offer design enterprise-wide security and continuity strategies, architecture based on industry standards and security control frameworks (i.e. ISO/IEC 2700x etc.). And we implement security solutions for mitigating key technology risks such as those related to access control/ management.


KPMG's expertise

  • Cyber Security: KPMG supports companies developing effective protection against cybercrime and seeking to progress from a reactive approach to an efficient prevention strategy.
  • Certification Services: KPMG offers a wide range of certifications for data privacy & data protection, information security, operational IT management, records management as well as qualified and advanced digital signatures.


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