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Frontiers in Finance – June 2017

Frontiers in Finance – June 2017

Frontiers in Finance looks at the key challenges and opportunities facing financial services management. The current issue shows how new technology and digital labor lead to new dynamics in the financial market.


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Frontiers in Finance

The 57th edition of Frontiers in Finance continues our long tradition of forward looking, strategic issues targeted at key decision makers in financial institutions around the world. In the current magazine we look closely at the digital enterprise – how new technology and digital labor can help financial institutions cope with regulations, financial inclusion and delivering cost efficient products and services.

Executives today are looking at how to bring innovation alive in financial services, and create organizations that balance today’s customer needs with preparation for a future that could look very different.

The adoption rate of technological innovations increases as they are proven successful, and the difficulty for management is to assess when, and how boldly, to place their bets.

Leaders in financial services have to determine the fundamental business cases for these new enabling technologies; as well as when and how to adopt them. Should they be pioneers, fast followers or skeptical observers, allowing others to take the lead in the first wave of introduction?

Articles featured in this edition:

  • The rise of the humans and the future of digital labor
  • The transformative power of regtech
  • Making automation work: Insurers adopt digital labor

Expert Blog

Expert Blog

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