Shaping Switzerland's digital future

Shaping Switzerland's digital future

7 visionary business opportunities for leading in a digital world.

7 visionary business opportunities for leading in a digital world.

Rapid advances in digitalization are changing the rules and the risks of business which means both market and policy makers need to think and operate differently. In this white paper, we introduce seven visionary business opportunities with the potential to ensure that Switzerland harnesses digitalization’s phenomenal growth potential, thrives in a modern world, and hosts the next generation of leading global companies.

Each of the seven visionary business opportunities considers the business drivers, Switzerland’s strengths and weaknesses, early adopters and thought leaders, as well as actions to drive the respective business opportunity forward.



Matthias Bossardt, Partner, Head of Cyber Security and Technology Risk

Beat Seger, Partner, Head of Digital Real Estate

Prafull Sharma, Partner, Head of CIO Advisory

Dominique Morel, Partner, COO Markets

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Whitepaper - Shaping Switzerland's digital future

Whitepaper - Shaping Switzerland's digital future

Find out more about the 7 areas of innovation to ensure a viable digital future for Switzerland.

Switzerland needs to learn how to cope with disruptive forces in the years to come and put them to targeted use.


Press release: 7 areas of innovation

“Shaping Switzerland’s digital future” outlines 7 potential areas of innovation.

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