Profile of a Fraudster

Profile of a Fraudster

White-collar crime causes billions of dollars in losses every year all around the globe. Criminal activities of this nature are taking their toll on numerous companies in Switzerland, too. Yet what does a typical fraudster look like? KPMG took a closer look at this question within the scope of an international study.


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Profile of a Fraudster - Key findings

Profile of a Fraudster - Key findings

Anti-fraud controls are not strong enough and the problem is growing.

Fraud in Switzerland is typically committed by perpetrators who are male, between 46 and 55 years old and members of senior management. Their criminal activities are being enabled by technology with increasing frequency: As revealed by KPMG’s latest international Forensics study, 24% of 750 cases of fraud in 78 countries were significantly facilitated by technology.

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The Forensic team at KPMG helps clients prevent, discover and handle cases of misconduct.

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